Friday, January 1, 2016

Why 2016 Will Be The Year Of The Christian (Conservative) Revival In America

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By David Wilson

As a Christian, I am loath to use the phrase, "the stars are aligning", but it's a common enough expression that people use innocently enough and it's good news so I will use it here: the stars are aligning for 2016 to be the beginning of an extremely rapid Christian revival in America of the sort not otherwise seen in our lifetimes.  It's true, and not so difficult to predict.

WHY, EXPLAINED. Click the links for evidence from reputable organizations


Islamic terrorists have helped Christians put their own faith into a practical perspective. For decades Christians have listened to secular media popularists demand we "turn the other cheek" but never remind us that Jesus used a whip of cords to drive out the money changers. They tell us to love thy enemy but forget to remind us that even among Christians, there is right and wrong to be held accountable within the church between brothers and sisters in Christ. In other words, the media has told Christians to shut up, be quiet, take down your decorations, don't wear a cross at work or school and be thankful that you can still watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD, you terrible, ignorant, irritating believer you.

Now things are different. There is an enemy not in sociological or pop culture terms, but in physical, life or death terms; an enemy that wants to behead us; a filthy, brutal and barbaric enemy so inhumanely savage as to make the worst of Hitler's Nazi Third Reich look like shining examples of humanity by comparison. That enemy, Radical Islam, has claimed continually since its activist emergence that it wants to kill every Christian man, woman and child and are so entirely unhinged in their murderous, brainwashed mindset that they will kill themselves just for the privilege of murdering others.  And among the adherents of that faith, as many as 51% polled within the United States say they want Sharia law in the United Sates, which just happens to include: stoning, rape, oppression and murder, and 25% agree with bombings of civilians for the same reason. It would be comical it is so extreme, were it not so nightmarishly true.  And all the while, those same pop culture popularists espouse a brutal variation of their past rhetoric so horrendous in regard to radical Islam as to be beyond comprehension - and as the easily-influenced, social -misfit youth , as those past influenced by Hitler's Brownshirts and the radical SDS in the early 1970's - pick up their message and say it more directly on social media: "Shut up, Christians, while he kill you for the savage thrill of it."

Suddenly what has happened and what is happening to this nation - and the world - falls into very sharp focus and the lethargic, shrug-it-off Christians now realize they are faced with a life or death decision: shut up and die.... OR SPEAK UP AND LIVE. And unsurprisingly, tens of millions are speaking up.  Angrily.


If it were only number one, above, things might trod on as they have been for many more years, but related to one, above, is that there is a Presidential election coming in which something remarkable is already happening: the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, has rejected all of the timid, knees-knocking political correctness exhibited by every former and current republican candidate for decades and has spoken up against the murderous threat to Christians by radical Islam, and Trump has done so with basic common sense and in strong, blunt and direct terms leaving no one in any doubt about where the matter currently stands. Everyday conservative Christians, admiring Trump and feeling unshackled and liberated to speak by his example, are also not just speaking up, but speaking up loudly and most of all, demanding action from their elected leaders against an enemy that threatens to kill them while our current White House leadership downplays to the terror and admonishes those in fear for their families as being 'racist".

It is unfortunate that so many Christians, psychologically bludgeoned into submission by a brutal and intolerant pop culture society needed a life-or-death decision to rouse them from their lethargy, but finally the giant has awakened and, with each passing day, is making his anger and indignation known in stronger and stronger terms. And the world is listening and other countries are picking up on trumps message: the leaders of other nations - France, Great BritainGermany and small European countries, seemingly following Trump's example, are  saying what our current President has refused to utter, though words so simple to say: take a stand against radical Islam or radical Islam will certainly succeed in killing us.

This in turn, is forcing a usually timid congress to take stronger action against the current politicians who appear to have been complacent and even accommodating to terrorists, doing so through the channels they have available, such as the Benghazi investigation.

Many Christians eschew politics, instead favoring the Kingdom of God, and while that is Christian and noble, God made it very clear that we are on this earth to prove that we are worthy, and we are specifically commanded, in the Old and New Testament alike, to fight evil - and those who would murder children wholesale for any reason whatsoever are truly evil in the purest form, or evil has no practical definition. 

For the first time in my over-half-century lifetime, ordinary citizens are fighting evil again. The otherwise gentle giant known as American Christianity is now understanding that they have a choice between entering the Kingdom of God by either being strong and entering it via natural causes, or being weak and entering it by being murdered by a hideously beheaded,  and so, finally, ordinary citizens are again making their voices heard: they are choosing strength, longevity and following God's word to fight evil.

And as they fight evil, Christianity shows its truth and power, and thus, as one would expect, Christianity has very suddenly started growing again. 


Extending 2, above, the country appears to be headed toward a Republican President - probably Trump - who is certain to excoriate Hillary Clinton on her mountain of scandals and do so in the debates before millions of Americans who had otherwise not really been paying attention until that point, and those millions will be sickened and horrified by Hillary's scandals, because Trump will lay it on the line and say it straight up. 

If Hillary is damaged by her scandals, as appears to be her obvious political trajectory, that's the end of all the democrat hopes for 2016, and if nothing else, a republican, conservative congress led by a conservative, republican President will put Christ and the cross back in the public square again, arguing successfully that separation of church and state was so very plainly meant to allow public displays of faith, not censor them, and that includes federal buildings. remember, back in the day of our founding fathers, Sunday Christian services were held in the congressional building. That legal precedent alone makes clear the intention of the founding fathers demand of separation of church and state, and thus shows that that idea has been monstrously perverted by very bad people and that perversion allowed by very weak leaders who could have fought it. 

2016, however, will see no weakness, that is for sure, because Trump is making blunt common sense popular in America, again. 

All that was in America in recent decades is about to change.


Christian movies made for very little money are raking in the cash. Fireproof, War Room and the like are turning astounding profits at the box-office. Hollywood, hating Christians but greedily unable to resist the smell of hard cash, is starting to follow the independent movie example and put out little Christian films for fat returns, and this new, slow, drip drip drip of the Christian message from - of all places - Hollywood into the American mainstream is seeing profound effects. Hollywood hates Christians, but their lust for money will be the undoing of that anti-Christian town and the audience they have for so long successfully influenced away from God, and it will happen in a way rare in the world: with poetic justice.

Creationism is on the rise. if you don't know, polls from such reliable secular - and sometime atheist-biased - sources such as Gallup, CBS News, the BBC and others consistently have shown for decades up until today that more than 40% of all those polled in the U.S. and (higher in) Great Britain, both essentially equally, reject evolution and believe that God made man as he is. This you would never know, of course, as most citizens - even Creationists themselves - have come to believe the unending lie that they represent a some kind of crazy fringe in English-speaking countries. 

In an rather sick but unsurprising irony, the atheists who dominate the media and who have been responsible for spreading the fringe creationist lie, conversely make up only 15% in those same countries in those same polls. 

The idea that those who reject evolution are a 'crazy, fringe minority" is perhaps the greatest lie ever successfully promoted in western society. And that is what that idea is: it is a lie. Almost half of all English-speaking people rightfully reject evolution as a fairy tale.

Here is the good news: creationism is rising among republicans. In the 2012 election, the anti-Christian left, using  gross, Nazi-style propaganda art such as Sarah Palin riding a T-Rex (an image they still use today),  unsuccessfully attempted to use the fact of creationism rising among Republicans to attempt to portray Republicans as "becoming more stupid" in the last several years, which is of course an insane proposition, especially from people who embrace long-term evolution as a catalyst for human change. What is really happening, you might ask? It's obvious: social media is getting the Creationist message out faster and faster, and the smart people are understanding it.

When I first produced Behold Now Behemoth in 2007/2008, Creationism on social media barely existed. It was relegated to an intellectual and social media no-man's land; mocked and derided almost by all, in total defiance of the 45% of creationists. No longer. There are many creationist groups on social media, now, and as they spread news about more discoveries and more facts - some amazing, such as the Smithsonian Institution-reported finding of soft dinosaur tissue in bones, both of which should have decayed a couple of hundred million years ago - Creationists are gaining massive confidence compared to what they once had, and that confidence is being seen in strength of their their voices and their growing numbers. 

Before now before anyone who still does not quite understand the landscape says, "Oh no! The creationists will make the rest of us look silly!", please remember - once again - that  approximately 45% of the populations of both the United States and the always sophisticated Great Britain remain creationists and already reject evolution. And those numbers are firming up quite plainly in the last couple of years.

Creationists don't need to make our point so much as let the world know that 45% of us are them. That alone will see a further dramatic strengthening of the Christian mindset, determination and activism, as nothing says legitimate as a majority of believers, because once you remove the `15% of atheists, that 45% becomes 55% of a majority of all religious believers rejecting evolution. That's called "A Majority" once you chuck out the atheists.


A Christian-loving Congress signing laws to be signed by a very determined, Christian-loving President, changing the laws - and attitude - of the most influential nation on earth on the heels of anger and outrage by so many, including that same Congress and new President. The determination level will be one never seen by most living generations. Guaranteed.

A murderous and savage enemy which has gone too far, having committed not just a Hiroshima, but created a murderous,  albeit primitive, SS squad as well, and in so doing has brought upon itself not righteous victory, but the wrath of a nation whose power to send them to the one true God is certain to be witnessed in a little more than a year.

The Hollywood money machine is now unwittingly feeding Christians more of the confidence and determination they need to make restoring Christianity on a local level to the public square.

Creationism is, in my opinion, one of the great, positive ultimates of Christian belief. It's growing from within the conservative wing of the nation not because the conservatives are in some impossible way becoming overall less intelligent 6 years  than the 15% atheist - and statistically manifestly social misfit counterparts - but because social media has educated conservatives' smart minds to facts such as those found elsewhere on this site and many others which prove evolution to be once of the most absurd concepts ever embraced by a so-called enlightened society. As they learn that 45% of us are them - and why - expect that number to explode.

CreationDino will be doing its part, here, of course.

Tell everyone you know the little - and socially explosive - fact that creationists have always been in our lifetimes and currently - right now -   are 45% of all whom they know here and in the UK. Just like with your vote, in this you can make a difference. The polls are from such secular strongholds as CBS news and the BBC, so those polls are legit. Tell everyone you know that 45% of everyone in the US and UK are Creationists and watch Christianity - and creationism - grow.

We're at an absolutely wonderful reverse-precipice, a magnificent tipping point, going from shackled to unleashed, from silenced to owning the megaphone, all in God's name, in the most successful and powerful nation on earth.

2016 is the year of the Christian revival. Count on it.

Just watch!

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