Thursday, October 22, 2015


by David Wilson

"The Atheist Religion". While the notion appears on the surface to be a self-contradiction,  the behavior of those self-identified as atheists makes it quite clear that atheists are practicing a form of religion regardless of how angry atheists get or the degree to which atheists do what they always do when faced with a fact they cannot reasonably debate: call their friends and pile on with mockery in an intellectually dishonest attempt to silence the truth.

The atheist religion contains no single deity, but rather, despite the a-theist in the name, is a self-centered theistic notion in which each individual is as much of a God as those of any other religions. They do not preach that, but that is what the atheist pronouncements clearly suggest, since it is the works of men and women like themselves which inform the atheist belief system, even when those works have been long-proven false.

In the atheist religion, science finds the answers for the users while - in a total contradiction - the atheist also uses unintended references to intelligent design such as "(this creature) has such and such because without it that creature would die", "X is a wonderfully designed adaptation"  and the like.  This contradiction in thought and semantics not only does not bother the atheist, but the atheist embraces such semantics in an apparent shortcut around logistical stumbling blocks so as to keep their fantasies alive. For example: a cat has whiskers which help it to judge physical areas immediately around it. The atheist says, "The cat has those whiskers so it can get through tight areas." It never occurs to the atheist that in so speaking, they are making a direct reference to an intelligent design line of thinking. However, when called out on that fact, the atheist is bound to become angry at such notions in the same way Christians would and sometimes do when someone insults Jesus Christ - once again strongly suggesting a self-centered theistic aspect to atheism.

The atheist religion is one in which human beings are at the top of conscious creation while showing equal respect to all nature, which makes the atheist religion most closely related to paganism than any other. One is likely to find many hedonistic and pleasure-related references in atheist discussions when discussing atheism itself, and once again that draws direct parallels to paganism.

The self-centered theist aspect of atheism also appears manifest when the atheist is greeted by some personal tragedy. Apparently unable to reconcile the fact that his own feelings are not paramount in the eyes of a higher power, the atheist rejects the higher power, claiming no higher power exists. However, often without realizing it, the atheist becomes a worshiper of himself, because since, to the atheist, humankind is the highest form of consciousness on earth, the atheist himself becomes by default the greatest on earth and potentially his own figure of worship, whether he is consciously aware of it or not.

Atheist prophets are called scientists but are regarded as more than that by the dictionary definition of the word "scientist" for the atheist. The scientist to the atheist is a prophet because the scientist/prophet's words are often taken by the atheist as proof of a concept without any empirical or historical evidence to back it up. Darwin is a primary atheist prophet: Darwin simply lifted his offering into the atheist orthodoxy from ancient Greek mythology which atheists called a theory (improper use of the word) and in short order then taught as fact. These prophets are regarded in high esteem and often referenced with the same admiration with which Christians hold the apostles, only for the atheist, the scientist/prophet does not give them assurance in another higher power, but rather assures the atheist that there is no higher power than the atheist himself, which appears to please the atheist.

At 15% in the US and UK, atheism is one of the smallest religions in the world. Their daily rituals, among others, appear to be in condemning other religions, mostly Christianity, with many repeated (read ritualistic) phrases which by inference supposedly place the atheist at a higher plane of intellectual existence than anyone believing in another religion, though there is no evidence to prove that the atheist is correct in his apparent conclusion.

Unlike Christianity which preaches peace, self-discipline and adherence to a highly moral philosophy, the atheist religion is essentially negative. An intense thread of childish hatred appears to runs through atheism's more outspoken proponents, who, appearing to be satisfied with themselves as the highest on earth  as their religion demands, spends much time and effort condemning other religions,

Atheists are also counter-intuitive in their view of statistical probability, and rather than temper their judgement of the unknown with open minds regarding a Creator, the atheist population places faith in unknown knowledge coming to light by the providence of scientist/prophets in whom the atheist imagines spiritual kinship and thus appears to further aggrandize himself by association.

As long as these facts of the atheist religion are made public, the atheist religion is certain to die off even in terms of its own small numbers of adherents in less than 100 years. With scientific understanding making it evermore credible that the miracles in the Bible are simply science misunderstood as "magic", only those who are determined to worship themselves alone will be the final practitioners.

As we hope this website is proving categorically in short order, the more science we learn, the more the answers of the mysteries of the world around us point to God, not to random chance and certainly not to other men. Science is making it clear: God is the answer.

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